Welcome to Budgeting Services

We provide free budgeting services to individuals, families and whānau of the Waimakariri and Hurunui Communities. Why use us?
We’re Free

We don’t charge you anything, ever. We’re here to help you grow.


We won’t talk about your case with anyone, unless you ask us to.

One to One

We’ll work with you one-to-one, pairing you with a financial mentor to help you create your own personal budget.


Speak to us about our free community education programme where people can talk, share and learn about money.

Open to anyone

Whatever your situation, we are happy to help. Whether it’s a financial check-up or creating a budget.

Waimakariri & Hurunui

Based in Rangiora, we are happy to help everyone throughout Waimakariri and Hurunui

Is your situation changing?

Maybe you’re going flatting, retiring or having a baby. It’s time for a budget health check to make sure you’re ready for the next stage of your life.

We can advocate for you

Whether it’s WINZ, Inland Revenue or Creditors, we can advocate on your behalf.

“I earn enough, but struggle to plan for the future and live payday to payday. My Financial Mentor helped me to make a good plan to help with my finances.”


Speak to us to manage your money better today

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Rangiora War Memorial Hall
1 Albert Street, Rangiora 7400
PO Box 351, Rangiora 7440


03 313 3505

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As a charity, our sponsors are integral to being able to provide our services across North Canterbury.